Sunday, October 31, 2010

PoliticsUSA: Midterm Elections: Polling shifts, pointing to massive Republican gains at least in Representatives -- whatever happened to PropRep?

Reporting in Washington Post, Jon Cohen and Dan Baltz in "Voter unrest echoes that of 1994, poll shows" (Oct31,2k10) tell us that a "sour mood threatens the Democrat congressional majorities" becawz "seven in 10 voters see the country as off course." The very ruff balance sheet of pollsters assign opinion as s+ding with Republicans 49%, while Democrats get 45%.

 If true and if the ratio holds, that doesn't mean the shift of actual seats will reflect the actual voting numbers. Rather, since the USA has a winner-takes-all anti-proportionality voting system, the Repubs will take far more seats, I woud think, than the actual total votes presently indicate. Even were proportionality instituted state-by-state, still there woud remain an increment favoring the Big Parties. I coud go for that version of Proportional Representation in the USA, but at present I woudn't venture to suggest precisely how PropRep shoud be figured and formulated into law...

I just think the present system is unworthy of the Great Republic in the 21st Century, since the changes from the Founders' world when the Fed Constitution was effectuated or no longer just. Of course, the earlier provisions whereby state legislatures or state senates elected each states' two Senators, has long been attenuated. In other respects also, the earlier provisions have been updated. It's time for another update, state by state, I believe.

-- Politicarp

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