Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calendar: All Hallows: Celebrate Halloween with me, viewing Johnny Cash sing Gospel-style his great Resurrection song!

Here's a way to celebrate All Hallows Evening in communion of saints, especially Saint Johnny whose body the grave just can't hold down. The dang commercials interfere with this blog-entry terribly, probably becawz I had to reduce the YouTube offering to fit it into my frontpage format. So, I've also posted this video to refWr+t backpage, or you can go to my yUT2be page (where you can subscribe to my vid library compiled for your enjoyment, mostly), or to the original post by Chris Milk. Or you can view/listen on Mashable where there's a great wr+t=up. Take a look at the ent+r Johnny Cash Project webs+t.

Thanks to Chris Milk, and to all the participants who contributed to the visuals. The Johnny Cash Project inv+ts us to continue to make viz contribs to this hommage video. Thank you J o h n n y for your l+f and music!

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