Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Politics: China: China shuts down memory of Tiananmen Square massacre

Times of London UK, "China cracks down on mourners on Tiananmen massacre anniversary" (Jun4,China)

'Crackdown' here seems to mean 'detained' more than anything approaching clubbings or shootings. I've read no report of either.

Dan Martin reports for Agence France Presse, "China t+tens information controls for Tiananmen anniversary"

BEIJING (AFP) — China on Wednesday kept a tight lid on content related to the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, blacking out foreign TV reports about the 20th anniversary of the incident and expanding curbs on websites.

News reports about the bloody June 3-4 crackdown that ended seven weeks of pro-democracy protests at the square were abruptly cut off with screens periodically going black on the BBC and CNN in China, as they have all week.

China's censors also appeared to be blocking sites such as Microsoft's new search engine Bing, social networking service Twitter, photo-hosting website Flickr and others.
The dates mentioned hark back 20 years to June 1989. "...most Chinese young people are completely unaware of this event."

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Smoky said...

I can understand where China is coming from... it's generally much easier to avoid fair market practices or anything resembling competition