Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Global Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia: Obama receives Order of Merit from King Abdullah, tomorrow Prez goes to Cairo

Paula Wolfson reporting for Voice of America (VOA) today tells of his leisurely visit with an approving monarch who put an apparently gold chain around Obama's neck as part of the Order of Merit recognition bestowed on him by the Saudi King, Abdullah. Besides a series of intense discussions, the USA Prez is getting a breather for what may be the most important public-speaking event of his term so far. Tomorrow, he will be addressing the world, especially the Arab and Muslim world (the latter extending as far east as Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim population, while Egypt has the largest Arab population).

White House officials say they will talk about prospects to end decades of Arab-Israeli conflict. They will also discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions, as well as the impact rising oil prices are having on the world economy.
In Cairo, at the university, the USA Prez "will try to ease decades of tensions h+tened by decades of tensions between Muslims and the United States, tensions hy+tened by war in Iraq, and a lack of progress in the Middle East peace process.

-- Politicarp