Wednesday, June 03, 2009

FLASH! : Organization of American States: Cuba can come back into membership ... no conditions ... but democratizing 'mechanisms'

35 minutes ago, AP via USAToday: "Sources: OAS votes to readmit Cuba."

It's history-making, even if the "mechanisms" toward democratization are presently ignored in Cuba, perhaps for a long meanwhile. The vote to readmit the island-state "without conditions," at the same time apparently "does set mechanisms for Cuba's return — including its agreement to comply with OAS conventions on human rights and other issues."

For the Castro Brothers regime of Cuban Communism and suppression of free labor would necessarily mean releasing the independent non-communist labor union/s in Cuba to function publicly and normally -- not as in China (which is more like Cuba and North Korea), but as in Europe where multi-union systems prevail in most countries -- with secret ballot voting for certification as a represented workforce within a firm. Cuba's present unitary labor organization of the country is parallel to the politically-unitary political representation of the Communist Party as the sole source of government. Admitting Cuba to the OAS lowers the standard for democracy within OAS, which Castro the Hero and his brother-heir have derided unconscionably.

On the other hand, USA and Canada do not have plural representation of competing unions within a given workforce or firm. The USA and Canada are among the few countries that suppress worldview plurality within a workforce; we are unitary in our rationale for monopoly unionism, which Obama is enshrining in his establishment of Government Motors the United Auto Workers forever.

-- Politicarp

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