Monday, June 01, 2009

Israel: Settlements in Palestine: Netanyahu "defies" Obama -- says Reuters

"Netanyahu defies Obama call for settlement freeze," by Jeffrey Heller and Adam Entous, Reuters (Jun1,2k9).

The title and contents of the Heller/Entous late-breaking-news report needs to be parsed.

I broke apart (by the semiotic digital means of a clickable link to their Reuters article), the link-word itself appearing in blue, thereby making "Netanyahu defies Obama call for settlement freeze" separate sememically into two semantic distinct-units: "Netanyahu defies Obama" (blue, clickable) from "call for settlement freeze" (dull black usually) Netanyahu|Obama. Netanyahu (David) | Obama (Goliath). ISSUE: "natural growth" of the settlements, means slow and steady expansion.

But a trade-off has been proposed by a nameless third-party, whereby the Jewish settlements politically affiliated to Israel may grow, while the state of Israel opens its southern border-crossings to Gaza, to permit construction supplies to enter the Hamas enclave.

-- Politicarp

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