Monday, April 27, 2009

Ad review: Towards a Christian Conception of History by MC Smit (d.1981), translated by Donald Morton & Harry Van Dyke

This book was published in English (2002) from the Dutch original of the author's esays over the years, edited and translated by H. Donald Morton and Harry Van Dyke. It's an outstanding work of reflection on Christian historical thinking, plus Smit's development of his own historical attitude.

--refWrite publisher, Albert Gedraitis

Using AdDesign, I made my own adtext to fit into a moving digital graphic structure. But I haven't yet gotten it to work here in my blogs. Blogs are not website's, but mine is a hybrid in some respects.

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Currently, Ads refWrite is exploring further both AdDesigner and Google Ads, as in the present instance, as well as in the off-beat introductory image of AFG in the background our title followed by thawt-teasing text to complete the over-sized super-width and fullpage height (as 8.5 X 11 inches) digital-magazine cover, so to say. The co-involved staff under the editorship of Owlb, suggested the gist of my design. So taking their advice, I did as I did.

So, egomaniacally, I put my own visage on the first "cover page" of refWrite in its 5th year, is it?, after five years of going without any cover page whatsoever. Altho I did call refWrite frontpage my flagship for my particular and, yes, idiosyncratic experiment toward a reformational journalism in the digital age of electronic communications, of telecommunications, of a reformational telcom, refTelcom with its own inner copyr+t.