Friday, April 24, 2009

Britain: Economy: Shrinkage rate of superindex for Gross Domestic Product fastest in 30 years

Julia Kollewe, writing in the Guardian (Ap24,2k9) claims that "British economy shrinks at fastest rate for 30 years." This news must be troublesome for most Brits, terrifying to some.

On the ideology of Growth in economics, Reformational economist, Dr Bob Goudzwaard, has long ago called for a stable sustainable economy--no shrinkage, no growth. I'm wondering if he's modified that line in recent years, but unmodified that would imply no-growth in developing countries, which is not part of BG's programme. He's all for growth where millions are starving, and critiqued the "overdeveloped West." So, quite the opposite of supreme economic goal of growth,he has always called for Development in non-Western society. At present, however, he surely has considered the blazing-rate development of China and India, and surely has noted the blazing-rate of industrial pollution presently contaiminating with tremendous excess those hitherto "virgin" economies.

-- EconoMix

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