Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calendar: April 15: What's in store tomorrow on Tax-Day? Are you going to a Tea Pary? Beware the FBI may be monitoring ...

Dunstan Prial, writing in FOXBusiness, "What's in Store at Tax-Day Tea Parties" (Apr14,2k9). I've culled that interesting article as my first quote for your meditation in conjunction with another. The second is a report from Obama's Homeland Security that they've just begun their examination of the rightwing to determine who may be categorized as "extremist," presumably in order to protect Americans from a right-wing coup.

Here's the first:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

That’s the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and if you haven’t reviewed your copy of the document recently you’re probably not alone.

Tax Day Tea Party organizer Joan Stanley says no one in Washington, D.C., seems to have reviewed theirs recently either.

Stanley, 62, is an organizer of Bozeman, Mont.’s Tea Party, one of hundreds of such events scheduled to be held across the U.S. on Wednesday to protest government bailouts, budgets and deficits, in roughly that order.

“We’re coming together in unison to fight for what America has always stood for -- that’s freedom and liberty. We love our country and we want to take it back from the self-serving politicians who run Washington,” said Stanley.

Essentially a grassroots effort run by local organizers, the movement is tied together on the national level through a Web site, taxdayteaparty.com and by way of a handful of mostly conservative bloggers angry at the Obama Administration’s strategy of spending the country out of its current economic doldrums.

The first events were held nationwide on Feb. 27 and some 30,000 people participated in about 40 cities, according to the movement’s Web site. Wednesday was picked for the next round of protests because April 15 is ‘Tax Day,’ or the day tax returns are due.

The Tea Party Web site conveys the mood of its participants with quotes such as, “I do not believe that spending what we do not have will pull us out of a black hole economy,” and, “We citizens will be standing outside, protesting government overreach and proclaiming our rights.”
Please click on the blog-entrty title above and read the whole FxBiz article.

The second report bears the screen-name "national," date Apr14,2k9, entitled "Homeland Security Warns of the Rise in Right-Wing Extremism," on National Terror Alert.
An intelligence assessment released to law enforcement last week claims news of recession, the election of an African American president, rumors of new gun restrictions and the inability of veterans to reintegrate [-- factors which together] create fertile ground for radicalizing and recruiting right-wing extremists.

The Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement agencies that recent news is helping “right-wing extremist groups” recruit new members and could lead to violence, and warns about the possible recruitment and radicalization of returning veterans.
So, the scenario comes to mind: undercover FBI agents as individual particpants-observers as well as in small groups with banners and slogans; they function at tomorrow's tea parties as agent provacateurs, trying to attract war veterans, trying to recruit them as counter espionage agents who will eventually be sent into the right-wing extremist groups--if, when, and as they arise.

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