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PoliticsUSA: Weather: President Obama calls for equal distribution of the weather

Our own refWrite reporter on the scene for the American President's most recent stirring call to the nation was part of the great theme of equality with which he underlies all his legislative moves.  This is a President who clearly wants distributive justice that encourages all of us to sleep in, even when we're in perfectly good health.  Altho it is known just how many dollars (in the billions) it costs America's businesses, especially the big ones, to finance workers when they take their sick leaves to go to baseball games, afternoon shopping, etc; it is well known that this gives 'sick' a bad name.  It hurts those who are genuinely sick and need to take the day off, but it also hurts working moms who have no one else to look after the kids when one of them is sick.  Sick is sick, and free-time hungry workers shoud not be charging the company for hours they've removed from productivity.

But, what's charged to the less-productive corporations is not quite the same as playing the same kind of sick when the govt employs you.  Whatever tier of govt such a worker is employed — whether it be federal, state, or local govt — redistribution of gainful-employment compensation takes money from taxpayers, inflates the budgets of govt agencies, and moves the public in increasing measure to despise all govt workers — whether members in labor unions or not. Whether its sick days or not, the companies, unions, and rank-and-file workers, try their best to equalize matters by granting a formal number of days for which sickness is compensated at the same rate as work.  The goal of course is not compassion to the sick or mom's of sick children, rather the goal is equality.  Becawz it is noticed that euqality in this circumstance is not fair, some corporations allow hard working employees who are never sick and never use up their free sick-days quota to bank them into a bundle number that can be directed to the never-sick employee's benefit, by adding each saved day's equal compensation to the super-healthy employee's annual vacation days.  Which may vary, again by contract, according to an employee's seniority with the company.

However, the recent clamor of unions, workers, and some companies for tax-breaks or other monetary compensation for differential benefits due to the the differentials in weather in their locales, now registering h+ on the Richter scale, sees the masterful-skilled President seizing his own opportunity. He  has seen the gaping opportunity to enter the fray and fill the gap in his election numbers by tragetting weather-differentiation complaints among voters.  Yesterday, he called on congress to produce legislation to compensate for weather differentials across the nation which he is ready to sign into law tomorrow.  The President in a widely-viewed video conference call to Harry Reid, majority leader in the Senate, and to Nancy Pelosi, minority leader in the House of Representatives, went viral on YouTube during the day.  Harry chimed in, "The Senate will get this done quickly to equalize the gains by workers who have more sunshine and temperate indicators on the hot/cold scale."  Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, also chimed in, altho she coudn't make the same claims, since her party no longer has the majority in what used to be "her House."

As for the Republicans, they united to reply in chorus, "We've been left out in the  cold."

The weather-compensation package will cost the govt nearly a trillion dollars annually, and in the President's announcement he stated that the funds woud probably come from a new Fair Weather Agency (FWA) financed by China's military banks.  This is bound to make the Republicans hot.

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