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EconomicsUK: Squibs from FT newsletters: Greek austerity, ,

News squibs with URLs ("teasers," a form of advertizing) from a helpful variety of Financial Times (London UK) email newsletters.  You can't beat FT for robust clear wr+ting that is quintessentially current, on the panoply of economics and business news.  FT is a paid subscription online resource, it's emails are free and, well, squibby.

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FT - Exclusive Comment

G20 must protect the IMF from Europe
At this weekend’s G20 meeting, European countries are likely to press for an increase in the International Monetary Fund’s resources as a means to bolster the firewalls against the eurozone debt crisis. The other G20 members must resist such pressure until Europe starts showing more signs that it's getting its act together. 

F T - UK Homepage
Athens told to change spending and taxes
Reforms are price Greece has agreed to obtain a €130bn bail-out and avoid default that Athens feared would throw society into turmoil

F T - Comment
Europe says goodbye to solidarity
Many Europeans do not believe Athens will keep its promises; many Greeks think austerity is calculated to punish, writes Philip Stephens

F T - Companies
German bank chief hits at Greek debt deal
Lenders in France, Germany, the UK and Belgium report billions in losses in the fourth quarter after writing down sovereign bond holdings
F T - World
Madrid presses EU to ease deficit targets
The Spanish economy is forecast to contract 1 per cent, compared with a prediction three months ago of 0.7 per cent growth
Blueprint for China to open up markets
People’s Bank of China outlines three-phase plan to speed up reform for economy’s long-term growth prospects

F T - Exclusive
Osborne rules out cuts to fuel duty
George Osborne has ruled out any further duty cuts for motorists in next month’s Budget, a move that risks a major confrontation with drivers and hauliers who claim record pump prices are hitting families and holding back the economy 

Financial Times - Companies
Apple yields to governance reform call
US group, which faced pressure from US fund Calpers, is to adopt a policy that any director not receiving majority shareholder support must resign

Asian shares rise on upbeat US and Europe data
The region’s stocks drifted higher as investors took heart from improved US jobs numbers and an increase in Germany’s business confidence index

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