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My Name is Sorrow DVD cover

Movie: My name is Sorrow

The film focuses not on the political issue of human trafficking, but on the human aspect. My Name is Sorrow will give the viewer the opportunity for that human response. By not focusing on the political, global aspects of trafficking, nor sensationalising it with graphic details of abuse, we will focus on the thoughts of one woman, locked away in a room by her 'owners'.
The set is minimal to say the least - with subtle changes in the lighting to suggest different times of the day - the film with around 6mins of intimate scripted talk will cover a whole day in the life of 'Sorrow'. It will be shot in black and white so that the focus is on the character and not trying to discern her whereabouts, for she is anywhere and everywhere. Her thoughts move from anger and guilt to daring for a sight of redemption. In stripping the production bare we allow nothing peripheral to get in the way of the viewer's concentrated gaze on this woman. Sorrow ends by making a silent appeal to the audience. How we respond is of course up to us!

The film has been endorsed by the UK Charity, Unchosen. The Charity raises awareness of human trafficking through film festivals and campaigns. Our film will help provide a new context for this story of human exploitation.



portrait of Natasha Paulinyi
Trafficking is a global problem, not just a UK or European one. It is estimated by the UN to be a $7 billion per annum industry which effects between 700,000 and 4 million women and children. The scale of this alone is daunting and perhaps difficult to engage with, when asked for a personal response.

Victims of trafficking face numerous violations of their human rights, including: rape, torture, forced abortions, starvation along with threats of torturing or murdering family members.
It was recorded by TEAM, the Tolerance, Equality Awareness Movement that, In August 2001, soldiers with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Eritrea were purchasing ten-year-old girls for sex in local hotels.

The UN involvement in this industry will be capturing
 our imagination later this year with a Rachel Weisz 
film, 'The Whistleblower', which follows the story of 
UN whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac. 

It is regrettable when a peace-keeping force engages 
in the exploitation of those who are most vulnerable. 

Not only is the scale of the problem daunting, but the 
political web around it. We can I feel, lose ourselves 
and the will to act in this kind of complexity; 
hence we will undertake a different approach with 

'My Name is Sorrow'.


portrait of Natasha PaulinyiHuman Trafficking: warning, contains graphic images 

An Interview with Ken Loach after the showing of his film 'It's a Free World…' at the Unchosen Film Festival in Bristol, 2008. youtube.com/watch?v=vbaNGdK1BFs


portrait of Natasha Paulinyi
Actress announced for the role of 'Sorrow'

We are thrilled to announce that the actress to play the role of ‘Sorrow’ is Natasha Paulinyi. Natasha excited us with her interpretation of the script and the intensity of her performance.
We are hoping to start filming early in 2012, with a couple of days in the studio and one day for a location shoot

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