Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Politics: USA: I haven't heard any Election results and its 8 pm already ... more later...


... but Webb in Virginia is taking Senate seat from Republican incumbent Allen ... with 14 % of the vote counted ...Drudge items online now:

Voting Machines Woes Cause Early Delays... Polls ordered to stay open late in Indiana... KY Poll Worker Charged With 'Choking Voter'... FBI Investigating Va. Voter Calls... FEDS SEND 850 OBSERVERS TO 22 STATES... BOMB THREAT: WISCONSIN... RAGE: Man Smashes Touchscreen in PA... Chelsea Clinton runs into voting problems...
8:06 PM


Rendell beats Swann in Pa. governor's race 11/7/2006, 8:06 p.m. ET

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Gov. Ed Rendell, a big-city politician who made new friends in the most rural corners of the state, on Tuesday defeated Republican challenger Lynn Swann, a political rookie who was unable to capitalize on his star power as a Pro Football Hall-of-Famer.
So much for football politicos!

8:10 PM

Here's the full course of Election articles online rite now at World Net Daily:


Early exit polls: Voters have problems with Bush
About 4 in 10 'strongly' disapprove of president, Iraq high on list of concerns
--ABC News

Exit polls show Democrats favored
3/4 of voters said scandals mattered to them in deciding how to cast ballot
--Associated Press

GOP control of Congress hangs in balance
Government deploys record number of poll watchers across country
--Associated Press

Election workers see voting problems
Complaints in several states as workers tangle with new machines
--Associated Press

Voter smashes touch-screen machine
Reportedly believed Republicans conspiring to steal election
--Allentown Morning Call, Pennsylvania

Poll worker accused of choking voter
Charged with assault, interfering with election
--Associated Press

Bomb threat closes Wisconsin polling site
'I'm sure that there have been voters who have been inconvenienced by this'
--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dems in court to extend Tennessee voting hours
Cite voting-machine problems, long lines, delays in opening polls
--The Tennessean

Election fixing charges fly in Utah town
County has more registered voters than its entire 2005 population
--Associated Press

FBI looking into possible voter intimidation
Officials probing reports of phone calls in Virginia
--Associated Press

Flashback: Dems urged 'pre-emptive' voter intimidation in '04
Manual targets minority leaders to express concern to stir up base

Voting machine woes cause early delays
Hundreds of precincts forced to switch to paper ballots
--Associated Press

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Join new Election Day Notebook discussion board
Share your voting experiences – good, bad, ugly – with nation

Virginia: George Allen vs. Jim Webb
See official results from high-profile Senate race
--Commonwealth of Virginia

Florida: Fight for Mark Foley's seat
Official results on Republican Joe Negron vs. Democrat Tim Mahoney
--Florida Department of State

Links to all state elections offices
Find out what's happening in the races important to you
--White House Today

Hour-by-hour guide to election returns
1st indications come after 6 p.m. when Indiana, Kentucky polls close
--Wall Street Journal

Chuck Norris on what to do Election Day
Exclusive: Newest WND columnist explains 'The battlefields for freedom'

We'll be back later as the vote counts roll in and the nite wears on ....

8:40 PM

Not particularly Election nite fare, but you may want to catch up on some stalwart neo-con analysis from The Weekly Standard.

Voting with Michael Steele
Maryland's lieutenant governor gets an unpleasant reception at the voting booth.
by Sonny Bunch
11/07/2006 2:55:00 PM

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have
How Republicans could have avoided the trouble they're in.
by Fred Barnes
11/07/2006 12:00:00 AM

Kristol, Barnes, Labash, Continetti, Matus, Last, and the rest give their midterm election predictions.
by Weekly Standard Staff
11/03/2006 6:00:00 PM

The New Leaders?
What the House will look like if the Democrats win.
by Irwin M. Stelzer
11/07/2006 12:00:00 AM
Gotta' go find some results on the count!

9:00 PM

Bob Casey, Jr (an anti-abortion Democrat) takes seat from 2-term Republican conservative Catholic, Senator Rick Santorum, according to CTV just now.

So far, the Dems have picked up 2 Senate seats, while the Republicans have lost 2, with one Independent (is that Senator Liebermann? -- who was forced to run independently due to his loss to antiwar candidate in the Dem primary for Senator in Connecticut).

9:40 PM


9 40 PM House Election results

11:30 PM

NYT House Results Map

NYT House Election results map 11-30 pm

-- Politicarp

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