Wednesday, November 23, 2011

EconomicsUSA: Real Estate Miami: Braziians, other Latinos, Canadians

Financial Times (November 22, 2k11)

This report spotlights a welcome rise in the housing market, howbeit in the h+end condo niche.  In-country and foreigners who make these purchases stand a chance to onload at a profit when the USA internal housing market rises toward health.  A welcome sign!
— Comment by EconoMix

Brazilians lead Florida real estate boom

Cash-rich Brazilians are leading a revival in South Florida real estate – one of the markets hit hardest by the US property crash – underlining the diverging fortunes of the two largest economies in the Americas.
Brazilians, along with other Latin Americans and Canadians, have driven up prices of condominiums in the popular coastal neighbourhoods of Miami by an estimated 50 per cent from their lows in 2009, according to Condo Vultures, a Miami real estate consultancy.

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