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PoliticsLibya: Libyan rebels: Advances — are we at the tilt point? and more ...

VOA  (June27,2k11)

Voice Of America is a USA govt-established broadcasting (radio mostly)
agency for news and interpretation in as positive a way as possible toward
our nation and its government.  If it's propaganda, it's certainly American
propaganda -- to counter the falsehoods circulated in certain quarters of
the listening and webwiewing publics who heavily rely worldwide on the
VOA for radio transmission of information, info that sometimes may
actually prove determinative of whether some among their listeners live or
die.  — Owlb

— Also see the refWrite editorial comment,
below the news update on Libya, by Politicarp.


 June 26, 2011

Libyan Rebels claim advances 

in Western Mountain

A Libyan rebel looks at the tail of a rebel MIG-23 jet in Benghazi
Photo: AFP/Patrick Baz
A Libyan rebel looks at the tail of a rebel MIG-23 jet in Benghazi on June 26, 2011 at the site where the jet crashed after it was shot down on March 19, 2011.
Rebels in Libya's western mountains say they have advanced and are battling leader Moammar Gadhafi's forces in a strategic town 80 kilometers southwest of the capital, Tripoli.

Opposition commanders said Sunday's fighting on the outskirts of Bair al-Ghanam follows weeks of intense clashes in the Nafusa Mountains that have pushed government troops steadily back toward the capital.

The town is significant because it is only 30 kilometers from Zawiya, a key western gateway to Tripoli and home to a crucial oil refinery. Opposition forces seized Zawiya in March before pro-Gadhafi fighters retook the city.

A ship carrying 106 Libyans arrived in Tripoli early Sunday from the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi. The ferry was organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which transported about 300 people to Benghazi from Tripoli on Friday.

Meanwhile, African Union leaders meeting in Pretoria said Mr. Gadhafi has agreed to stay out of negotiations to end Libya's more than four-month-old civil war. The AU said in a statement Sunday that it "welcomes Mr. Gadhafi's acceptance of not being part of the negotiation process."
read all of this VOA news report ...

refWrite editorial comment:
Libya  — is it tilt-time?
It sure seems that way.  
But, full disclosure, this reformational Christian news horse, refWrite, early on came to the support of the rebels against 
the régime of Omar Gadaffi the Tent Dwelling 
All - but - (Self-) Crowned Desert King of the Libyans.
Today has brawt such good news to news analysts who with professional
knowledge looked forward to the political removal of the woud-be king of
the Libyans.  He, his dynasty, and his upper echelon political and military
staff —must be cast out!  That is the only way Libya's rebels can open the
way further for a democratic government,
— Politicarp

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