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PoliticsOntario: State-supported Catholic and Secularist Schools: McQuinty's Folly

Family Coalition Party's Impact PDF(June16,2k11)

"Is the large (600,000 students; 
over 40,000 teachers), 
fully state subsidized, 
Catholic school system in Ontario, Canada
coming to an end?"

Family Coalition Party text excerpt from

I don't agree with all the positions of analysis and political stance touched upon in this lengthy piece (only excerpted here).  Nevertheless, we think it worthwhile to note how the Family Coalition Party of Ontario, a very small minority party, is bustling with election preparation, anticipating that "the writ will be dropped" in the Fall and an election will ensue. -- Politicarp

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Returning to the years 2003 – 2005, some 30 or so English-Canadian bishops issued pastoral letters about sacramental marriage. I have 26 of them in my files. The remarkable characteristic of these letters are that not a single one mentioned the reason for their appearance.

There is not a mention in any of them of the ongoing agitation for Canadian law to recognize so-called same-sex “marriage.” Most Catholics would have been puzzled why their bishop had issued a pastoral letter at all. But by June 2005 this nonsensical outrage was a “fait accompli”. The new definition of marriage “between two persons” booted out the thousands’ year old definition of marriage given mankind by God, “as a voluntary union between one man and one woman for life.” Canada, under a Catholic Prime Minister, was the fourth country in the world to adopt this folly. Most Canadians remained unaware of its significance.

While Canadians showed indifference, homosexual activists were jubilant. They had been given the long-desired legal equality, even superiority, and nothing could stop them now. In British Columbia the Corrigans, two male homosexual activists, immediately demanded and received the promise for full and equal treatment in the schools for “same-sex marriage” from kindergarten to Grade XIII.


In Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was much taken by the course of events. For the coming Ontario election of 2006 he ordered that no Liberal candidates opposed to “SSM” would be allowed stand for election. Already for years a public supporter of abortion, he had also embraced the pro-homosexual activist cause. Yet he continued to receive Holy Communion in Catholic Churches in Toronto and Ottawa as if there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Salt and Light Catholic Television interviewed the Premier, expressed its admiration for him but never asked him about the public betrayal of his Catholic faith.  Catholic bishops in Ottawa and Toronto, his domicile in the first and workplace in the second, apparently have not given the matter any attention. Large numbers of Catholics faithfully vote Liberal and unfaithfully deny Church teaching. The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star jubilantly promote the cause and not a week goes by without these newspapers promoting this or other immoral actions.

Dalton McGuinty

And so we come to Dalton McGuinty’s poison pill for Ontario’s schools. Under the guise of suppressing “bullying” in the schools McGuinty employs the disreputable Ontario Human Rights Commission to sniff out, expose, discipline, punish and crush opponents of the homosexual lifestyle. All teachers and staff now live in fear of being disciplined, if they speak out “incorrectly,” or of being fired, retired or humiliated and “re-educated.” Many are afraid of being overheard in their private conversations. None dare to ask questions about the McGuinty policy, not to mention oppose this or that point. The OHRC secret thought police is everywhere. Moreover in public and Catholic schools they have their collaborators from the unions. In the Catholics schools the pro-homo members of OECTA – the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association ... are on the watch in and outside the schools.

Here are a few illustrations of the current brainwashing underway in the schools.

The program

As explained earlier, Premier McGuinty appointed self-declared lesbian Kathleen Wynn as his Minister of Education to prepare the assault on Ontario’s schools. His government sponsored two symposia in
support of the equity policy. Following is a synopsis and comment on each.

June 2010

Equity and Inclusive Education.
Part I: Inclusive Boards—Inclusive Schools

On June 17, 2010 the Ontario Ministry of Education presented a one-day symposium. Lest anyone think that the symposium was a last-minute effort by McGuinty to shore up the homosexual activist push in Ontario schools, look at the agenda and the high-powered speakers he used. And take note whom the symposium targeted: two trustees and a senior administrator from each Board were required to attend for the implementation; the symposium was free for attendants, with travel expenses heavily subsidized. We have highlighted “power-positive” words that the government uses to convince everyone of the desirability of this policy.

Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), talked about how the OHRC’s new mandate offers communities the opportunity to build a strong partnership with education. She highlights the unique and important roles that trustees, supervisory officers, equity leaders, principals and others will play in supporting systemic human rights growth in the education sector.

The OHRC was given a major role in our schools.  It indicated that no opposition will be tolerated. If school administrators, trustees, and teachers do not fall into line, they will be dismissed. (At the same time McGuinty gave the OHRC another $20 million for its annual

Chris D’Souza, another key role player

D’Souza has come a long way in a short time, from equity officer at the Peel Dufferin Catholic School Board, to official government spokesperson and pressure-point man for implementation of the Ontario
government’s equity program in the schools public and Catholic, to his present position with the faculty of education at York University. It will be his job to ensure that student teachers attending York are on board with the equity program. Dissenters will be weeded out. Presumably, “course directors” have been handpicked for the other university faculties of education across the province.

The Session A workshops highlighted how the OHRC can help to identify and eliminate barriers in gender discrimination, how LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual and queer) youth will be supported, together with their parents, teachers and other staff and the LGBTQ community!

The Dufferin Peel Catholic Board (Chris D’Souza’s old stomping ground) outlined how it has been immersed in developing equity programs for years. If an English Catholic school board can do it, every school board can. The French language community immigrant services organization offered how French-speaking students will be helped (especially immigrants whose parents might not have a clue what is happening to their children).

In Session B workshops, the agenda outlined how aboriginal parents would have input into initiatives; how the Hamilton District School Board has developed its equity policy with the goal of promoting a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for students, staff and families. (Families, of course, have to come on board.)

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