Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PoliticsEgypt: Sectarian violence: Burning of Coptic churches, Copts fite back

BBC News (May,2k11)  Recommended by refWrite:
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Egyptian Copts

Egyptian copts protest in Cairo following the burning 
of a Christian church in Imbaba district of the cirty. 

Egyptian press fears 

communal chaos

Egyptian newspapers have published angry comment on the Muslim-Christians clashes in recent days in Egypt. More than 180 people were wounded in clashes on Saturday after conservative Muslims attacked a Coptic church in the Imbaba area.
Both official and independent newspapers fear that remnants of the ousted Mubarak government, religious extremists or unspecified foreign forces are trying to undermine moves to democracy by stoking communal violence.
Several papers accuse the authorities of leniency towards "thugs", and one demanded the death sentence for desecration of places of worship.

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