Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Economics: Entrepreneurs: A fascinating Corporate Sustainability Program

It sounds like a good business plan to me!        

I don't warm to the Nanny State dictating all our food choices, I don't think relaxants other than alcoholic drinks shoud be discriminated against to the advantage of the drunkenness industry with its exorbitant death toll!  Etc.

But I do believe a free-marlket business plan like that of Innocent Drinks (yeah, that's the corporate name) meets the criteria of reformational free-market thawt for better-motivated businesses than currently prevail.  The company seems christianly investable to me.   And on this Labor/Labour Day, I note that Innocent Drinks' labour policy is superior to most.  Philosophically, this business approach coud be considered an approach to an integral business, a business structured by its designers for a "simultaneity of norm realization" (as Prof Bernard Zylstra used to say), an integrality appropriate to its sphere and its focal mandate/s.  That's the sense of holistic offered for inspection here.

-- EconoMix

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