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EconomicsUSA: HealthCare: Prez's new healthcare webs+t, for the masses?

With a low-bowing Hat Tip to Information Week for the iconically exemplary logo graphic. It arrived on my desktop in my email Inbox.   Semiotics analysis:  Note the soothing colors -- Blue is the Virgin Mary color and the sky color (at times and places).  It comes with an underline in the graphic,  which m+t indicate semiotically that perhaps the digital sign that a live-link is present here, as I make this blog-entry.  If so, I plan to press that problematized underline, it being at least a come-on or if it be instead a payoff infodoor, I will press/click the underline as soon as this line of text is itself complete.) ........ 

returning after a minute or so: I pressed the underline and nothing happened ......

I find the layout, design, and news reportage of this page to be excellent.

Taking into account the content of the InfoWeek report by Elizabeth Montalbano on July 1, here we are now receiving word of the Prez's recess-appointment of a new head of Medicare and MedicAid,  Donald Berwick, a full medical doctor, and a fullout set of whacko medical-empire ideas -- "his talk about rationing, his discussion of health reform as a matter of redistributing wealth, and his effusive praise for the British system. If the president wanted to buy a fight like this, he ought to have been better prepared to wage it" (WaPo columnist Marcus, Jul 8,2k10) Obama's cynical recess appointment of Donald Berwick.  -- no pause to cry over spilt milk; now its Berwick's job, nothing wrong with Presidential gaming the Senate whose committee badly wanted to examine hotshot Berwick. Anyway, Berwick in his nu spot -- what's the title? -- medical enforcer for the fed USA govt's nu ObamaCare(s for U)?  

But, reverso, rather revolutionibus planetarium moralis, when the nu law is to be enforced, the stage will come in its periodicity when we have a Doctor of Public Medicine who wants maximal entitlements for everything medical (it woud seem, but wait). 

Yet the Congressional experts on the subject matter were not permitted to hold confirmation hearings.  The Prez waited until the two Houses of Congress had gone into recess and entered into a bit more the recession of their constituents, the Senators (100, 2 from each of the 50 states) and Representatives (c. 435) who coudnt confirm this Social Medicine whacko doctor, coudnt confirm or refuse confirmation because the Prez wanted this guy, this guy of all the doctor whackos grasping for the reins in the ObamaCare law enforcement.  At the reins in order to drive American public health in a certain direction, I woud add, in the direction of the preferential option for the poor and of  community organizing a coalition majority of nonwhite ethnic forces of different origins -- American Blacks (or Afro-Americans) and Hispanics, legal and illegal (or la Raza to which nu SCOTUS judge Sotomayor belonged/s?) .  And others.  As the Obama govt woud have it, The full list must not be seen as favouring any specific demographic groups in which people can have deep emotional investments of personal identity.

Further developments:

Christian Science Monitor: Obama and recess appointments: He's not the only one to make them often

Still, in the immediate almost astrological situation:

That's the second trajectory and it intersects with the first mentioned (below) -- namely,  transparency. See Elizabeth Montalbano's report below: 
Read more ...

Here is InfoWeek's coverage (Jul 1,2k10):

White House Launches 
Healthcare Transparency Site offers a health insurance search tool and information on healthcare consumer rights.

The Obama administration Thursday launched a website aimed at providing more transparency into the U.S. healthcare marketplace, one that has long been a quagmire for the average consumer to navigate. provides people with information about their rights as consumers of healthcare services as a way to give them more control over the care provided to them, according to a White House blog post by Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

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"Through, individuals will have more control over their healthcare as informed and empowered consumers," she wrote.

One of the new site's most useful features is a tool that allows people to search for viable health insurance options by entering the state they live in and answering some questions.

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In her post, Sebelius noted how difficult and confusing it can be to search for health insurance, and explains how aims to provide a simple remedy for this problem.

"The site makes a system that thrived on complication and confusion easier to understand," she wrote. "This kind of transparency helps create informed consumers which increases competition, reduces prices, and improves quality. has about 500 pages of content that includes data for more than 1,000 insurance carriers and 5,561 open products. Of the products, 2,030 are in the individual health insurance market, while 3,531 are in the small-employer health insurance market.

Additionally, the site provides information on every Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program in the country, as well as information on every state's Pre-Existing Condition Plan, according to the blog post. also gives people access to rights and benefits under the Affordable Care Act as well as provides a timeline for when programs under the new law will go online between now and 2014, according to the post.
It also breaks down information about healthcare for people in various segments of the population, such as families with children, people with disabilities, seniors, and young adults.

The administration already is eyeing improvements to the site, Sebelius said in her post. In October, price estimates for health insurance plans will be available on The administration also is taking suggestions on the current version of the site for other improvements people would like to see in future iterations.

InformationWeek has published an in-depth report on this year's Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference. This report offers the best healthcare IT advice, insight, and analysis coming out of that conference. Download the report here (registration required).

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As u may know I am one of the frontpage columnists of rW1.  In this post I collaborated with Owlie Scowlie who wr+ts on various topics, including the Technotes column on rW4, officially our refWr+t Backpage (which he wr+ts alternatively with Technowlb ... journalist  relatives can be a hassle sometimes to work with.  But Scowlie is a howlie to work with.  He found the iconic logo, whereas I had seen and even read it, but I did not find it, because I didnt approach it from an aspectual angle where I coud h+l+t concentrate on the semiotic values thus abstracted from the totality of reality and a way of knowing  open to non-alphabetic signs, digitally conveyed.

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