Sunday, September 06, 2009

Politics: Turkey/PKK: Iraqi Kurds situation with h+ regional stakes and arcane metaphors/symbolisms, particularly in Turkey

Only a student of arcane Turkish metaphors and symbolization, coud be expected to comprehend Turkey today, certainly not with a click and a change of slide projected on the wall.

What's more Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's rapprochement with Armenia is a melt of an Ice Age in Turkey's exceptionalism from most of the Europe it wants to join. The fact that Turkey has been doing "billions of dollars worth of business with Iraqi Kurds for some time now, in every field from constructation to telecommunications" speaks volumes as well as dollars. If Erdogan's foreign policy, which I called "the Turkish Melt" were applied to also Armenia, perhaps there woud be billions in every field where both countries can have a good balance of trade bilaterally.

If the same sane policy coud be developed in relative inconspicuity, with Israel, but also with Lebanon and Greece and Greek Cyprus. Turkish Cyprus is too isolated -- the extreme division of peoples, lands, and exchange is a serious block to peace generally for Turkey too -- and Europe shoud intervene on behalf of Turkish Cyprus.

How my imagination grows,
each rose becomes a pot,
each pot becomes a plot,
I have roses by the lot.

... something like that from the Broadway show Fiorello, about onetime New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia! The marvellous ditty is sung by his wife and is elevated to the sublime by the irony of the final details, overwhelming.

In any case, whether a pipedream or not, I look forward to more slow change in Turkey under Erdogan. I continuously pray for the elevation of the Greek Orthodox Turks and the reinstatement of their seminary as a world-signficant institution of h+er education, spirituality or not. It shoud be legally recognized in full, allowing it to become a seminary within a Christian Orthodox university in the environs of Istanbul.

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