Sunday, September 06, 2009

Politics: Healthcare USA: Pelosi woud like her hand firmly on a trigger to shoot down health insurance co-ops and forprofits

Government Insurance 'Trigger' Draws Bipartisan Criticism in Health Care Debate

"Lawmakers are considering a "trigger" in the health care reform package, which would keep a government-run insurance plan on reserve. But liberals complain the trigger would likely prevent a public option from ever being implemented. Conservatives complain, to the contrary, that it would act as a surefire public option -- only several years down the road." FoxNews (Sept9,2k9).

While I think epithetization of "Pelosi the Trigger" is fair play, due to her partisan meanness in excluding Republicans from the core negotiations, so as to get a bipartisan proposal for healthcare insurance reform that 80% of both parties could agree to. She seems too mean in her utter partisanship.

Now, the public option does not lead among the proposals on the table in House and Senate, tho an effort of recovery of an active status is being made by farleft Senators and the Progressive Democrat Caucus in the House.

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