Sunday, August 30, 2009

Australia: Racism: UN inspector visits Australia down under, and judges it racist esp in relation to Aboriginals

James Grubel, writing for Reuters news agency, "UN critical of Australian Aboriginal intervention" (Aug27,2k9) -- a Reuters headline as clear as mud.

Canberra, Australia - A senior United Nations official condemned on Thursday Australia's controversial intervention into remote Aboriginal communities, describing the measures as discriminatory and finding entrenched racism in Australia.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous People, James Anaya, made the findings after a 12-day visit to Australia, where he visited indigenous communities and held talks with the Australian government.
I woud dearly like to hear on this from my friend, Dr Bruce Wearne. An Australian, a sociologist, and an interationally-renown reformational scholar who kept us all informed regarding the political explosion in in the tiny former democracy of Fiji, in part a racial conflict between old Fijian stock and more recent India ethnics. He and I have had some deep differences of view in the past, but with a basic religious agreement. I think he's remarkably situated to help our thinking on this important issue.

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