Friday, August 28, 2009

Afghanistan: Elections: Fraud mars Afghan vote, as democracy slides into travesty

The election in Afghanistan seems to have involved widespread fraud practiced by poll workers and partisans of both leading candidates for the Afghan state's presidency.

But China View published by China's official news-control agency says the ethnic misery of Afghanistan's politics, has been overcome decisively in this election's voting, sparse as it may have been. If so, good news indeed. Yet, what of all the alleged fraud?

Aghanistan: a question of stamina by Doug Beattie (Aug30,2k9; Guardian UK).

"Doug Beattie MC is a retired army officer with 27 yeas of experience. He served in Iraq under Col Tim Collins and in Afghanistan in 2006/7 and 2008. He recently retired to write about his experiences in Afghanistan in 2 books called An Ordinary Soldier and Task Force Helmand. Both books are published by Simon and Schuster."

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