Saturday, May 12, 2007

Juridics: Abusive taxation: Redeemer University College subjected to tax abuse by bureaucrats

Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, May11,2k7) carries an unsigned report that, all said and done, works in a defamatory way (I'm not criticizing the newspaper or the Christian institution subject to this de facto defamation), defamation targetting Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario. The headline: "Top court to hear Redeemer case."

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled yesterday that it will hear a case affecting the tax returns of 250 area residents.

They are facing tax reassessments after making donations to support students at Redeemer University College.

During a routine audit of Redeemer Foundation, the fundraising wing of the Ancaster-based Christian school [a liberal-arts college full of PhDs], the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) asked for and received a list of names of donors to the school's Forgivable Loans Program.

The CRA used the list of names to launch tax reassessments of individual donors. When Redeemer went to bat for its donors, it discovered that the Income Tax Act stipulates donor information can only be secured by auditors with a court order.

[In other words, some bureaucrats to whom were assigned the Redeemer file, proceeded to break the law, to purloin records to which they were not entitled, and to persecute the donors to the program to aid indebted students and thus persecute the excellent liberal-arts college of Christian confession, in Ancaster. - Lawt]

Redeemer sought a court declaration that the request for the donor list was improper, that the CRA be ordered to return the information and that the CRA be prevented from acting on the information to reassess its donors. There has been one ruling in favour of Redeemer and one against [by lower courts].
I would find it very difficult to believe there was no motive on the part of active bureaucrats to persecute this sterling Christian institution. This is the only institution in North America that houses a center where the works of the philosophy of law by the great Dutch juridical scholar are being translated and published. Among other things potentially of interest to the malicious bureaucrats, the contents of the magnum opus of jurisprudence by Herman Dooyeweerd place into question the entire leftliberal takeover of the Canadian law-sphere, without "viewpoint pluralism" in the courts or law-philosophy research at the universities and their law schools (all of them, unlike Redeemer College's Dooyeweerd Centre, funded by various levels of government thru the entire Dark Ages of Liberal Party rule and court-packing on the Federal level). All funded, but Redeemer College, it would seem.

What's more, Dooyeweerd's Encyclopedia of the Science of Law is part of an outlook which requires a far better system of worker representation than is available in Canada's civil service (including the bureaucrats of the Canadian Revenue Agency), which is severely backward in these regards. The civil-service organization to which the abusing bureaucrats belong and by which they are protected even when they violate the law governing their work, is itself radically criticizible on the basis of that organization's lack of viewpoint-pluralist workers-representation (whereas in much of Europe there is no closed shop, and the civil r+t to freedom of association is recognized in regard to workers representation).

In other words, regarding the present case, those bureaucrats who broke the law to persecute the Redeemer College donors, the donors having given to a fund to remit student loans charitably (since Redeemer doesn't get help with its general funding as do all other colleges in Ontario), those bureaucrats are thereby working to prevent the emergence of legal-scholarship critique that would show what a nest of vipers is mono-unionism and mono-professional groupings that falsely claim to represent all workers, without viewpoint pluralism provided in the representational structures.

The persecuting bureaucrats have plenty of nefarious motive to destroy Redeemer College, and it is all ideological in the worst sense of the word.

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