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PoliticsIsrael: Diplomacy: A propaganda campaign launches around the concept 'Israel is not the core problem' of the Arab Spring

Israel's Prime Minister is in a t+t spot with USA Prez Barack Obama.  Israel's Netanyahu meets the American with a propaganda barrage launched under the slogan "Israel is not the problem."  And, by implication, the situation in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, supremely as evidenced in the Syrian d√©bacle which has given way to clear-cut genocide.  Then there's Egypt.  Then there's Turkey.  Then there's Lebanon with its Hezbullah.  Don't forget Hamas and its alliance with Fatah within the Palestinian Authority.  Then there's Iran locked into deep sanctions via its tied-up banking industry.  But we're not done yet — are we?  Can we scoop up into one concept Libya, Iraq, and Afgthanistan?  How about Yemen?  Perhaps only Kuwait and Qatar remain friendly to the Western Alliance articulated in NATO (where Turkey holds membership and hosts the nascent Free Syria military).  Israel is not the core problem in the Middle East as made vividly clear in the reaction of the Organization of Arab States which sawt to censor Syria at the UN, failing due to Russia's and China's refusal to back the initial effort to bring the veto-holders on the UN Security Council around to explicit censuring of Syria for genocide at Homs, and Iran for pursing nuclear power that may give life to the nuclear missile power the prospect of which threatens the Western Alliance, as it shoud indeed.  Propaganda meets anti-nuclear diplomacy.  Israel is not the core problem.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2012 09:00 PM PST
Dr. Aaron Lerner..
IMRA Weekly Commentary..
01 March '12..

The post Arab Spring Middle East is certainly overflowing with problems that threaten the stability of the region.

There is one thing common to the problems in Egypt, Syria and the rest of the states on the neighborhood:  these problems have nothing to do with Israel.

Love of the Land (Mar2,2k12)

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Whether or not Israel builds another porch in Jerusalem or for that matter entire new communities beyond the Green Line has no impact on the resolution of these problems.

By the same token, the attitudes taken by the Arab “actors” in the region – be they the contending leaderships or the “street” – towards the United States are driven by how America relates to the new and developing situations in these countries rather than by either Israel’s activities within its own sphere or how the U.S. responds to those Israeli activities.

Simply put, the United States has nothing to gain by throwing Israel under the bus.

With the presidential elections coming up, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has the opportunity to try and get the Obama Administration to concede this fundamental point.

Sure, in the months coming up to the November elections Mr. Obama may hold back. But it would be a terrible mistake not to exploit this “election year window of opportunity” to try and put the concept in place to influence America’s post-election policies.


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