Thursday, August 09, 2012

Last entry: May 2012: Go to new refWrite Frontpage

Go to:

refWrite Frontpage (rW1)

refWrite page 2 (rW2): religions, education, science, journaletics (free-standing pages)

refWrite page 3 (rW3): academics, etc.

refWrite Backpage (rW4): sports, music, architecture, technics, etc.

refWrite refBlogger Insert (rW5):  bloggers freedom and press status, censorship and legal restrictions, freedom of religion, media, press, information....

refWrite Calendar (rW6): by month, you'll get a far-future month, wait a few seconds for left margin to load all months — choose the current month (or back or future), then scroll down your selected month for the day/s and event/s you're particularly interested in.

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