Wednesday, May 02, 2012

PoliticsUSA: Diplomatic failure: USA turns China dissdent lawyer out of Beijing Embassy where he had fled for sanctuary

I got the info on this rapidly-developing story on today's evening news in Toronto.  Here are 2 subsequent print dispatches from major news horses.  All in all, I'm wondering what this toying with Chen by the USA and China has to do with the volatile political situation within the Communist hierarchy of China.   I also wonder at the naïveté of Hilary Clinton, USA Secretary of State (foreign affairs) while she's in China.  The American left govt doesn't know how to protect Chen in its Baijin Embassy, and negotiate diplomatically for the release of Chen and his family into American protection and safe travel to our country.   After all, the Obama-Clinton régime is pro-abortion, and Chen sticks up for the r+t of a Chinese family to have more than one child.

— Politicarp

A National Post headline says it all: 

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng leaves U.S. embassy as China seethes over affair

Chen is a blind lawyer who first got invovled in human r+ts issues in China when people sawt his help regarding problems with that country's one-baby rule for Chinese marrieds who want more than one child, or who gave birth already to more than one child.  

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