Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EconomicsUK&Eurozone: Financial Times: Play the European game, says Barnier; Greek bondholders, Nokia Siemens, China wants Hollywood film companies

EU's Barnier urges Cameron and City 
to ‘play the game’
David Cameron and the City of London must learn to “play the European game” and give up seeking UK exemptions that would hurt the economy and endanger open trade, the European Union’s top financial regulator Michel Barnier will warn on Monday
http://link.ft.com/r/KC2844/KQBQO8/JKXVG/2OZFLU/ZG4KVT/28/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=22 January22,2k12

Greek bondholders draw line in the sand
Private owners of Greek debt have made their “maximum” offer for the losses they are willing to accept, the bondholders’ lead negotiator has said, implying that any further demands could kill off a “voluntary” deal and trigger a default
http://link.ft.com/r/QM42II/GD1DJO/TFRK7/B5YBNV/IILBQ8/T3/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=22  January22,2k12

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Lenders show faith in Nokia Siemens
Nokia Siemens Networks has raised more than €1.2bn of finance from a consortium of 14 European and US banks in a vote of confidence from the lending market in the troubled telecoms equipment maker’s strategic overhaul
http://link.ft.com/r/TWK799/FKUK93/OQEMC/ZGVS68/VLZ5BV/E4/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=22 January22,2k12

China investors set their sights on
A consortium led by Chinese media entrepreneur Bruno Wu is scouring Hollywood for film companies to acquire, in a sign of China’s growing interest in the US entertainment industry
http://link.ft.com/r/4RNQTT/C4N45C/ZL19K/EXQ6DW/XHMWBL/28/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=22  January22,2k12

China investors set their sights on Hollywood(2)
Consortium which missed on out on deal to acquire Summit Entertainment is leading charge from Asia into the cultural heartland of the westhttp://link.ft.com/r/YIQXNN/B5F5OR/70OUJ/2OZFYB/JETGH5/B7/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=22 January23,2k12
Paris and Berlin seek to dilute bank rules
Demands will delight some bankers but likely to infuriate policymakers in London, who have been fighting French-led attempts to dilute Basel IIIhttp://link.ft.com/r/YIQXNN/B5F5OR/70OUJ/2OZFYB/YB5X4D/B7/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=22  January23,3k12

Lagarde calls for bigger eurozone firewall
The head of the International Monetary Fund said on Monday the eurozone needed a bigger firewall to prevent Italy and Spain sliding towards default, underlining Europe’s responsibility in solving its own sovereign debt crisis. In a speech in Berlin, Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, said that without a larger bail-out fund, fundamentally solvent countries like Italy and Spain could be forced into a financing crisis.
http://link.ft.com/r/6NPSBB/ORO3VL/G45OT/307NE2/GDUGZZ/QR/h?a1=2012&a2=1&a3=23 January23,2k12

UK Minister rounds on ‘environmental Taliban’
Britain’s climate change minister has rounded on the ”environmental Taliban” of green campaigners, insisting they are wrong to accuse the government of abandoning its commitment to an ambitious low carbon agenda
January 03,2912

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