Monday, September 05, 2011

PoliticsCanada: New Democratic Party: Split regarding unions role in party

Globe and Mail, Toronto (Sept4,2k11)

NDP solidarity cracks over 
role of unions in picking leader

The first clean split among federal New Democrats since Jack Layton passed away last month rests on an issue that strikes at the historical heart of the party: the role of union members in choosing the next leader.
The matter is the first in what promises to be a number of sharp policy debates among the various candidates and factions that Mr. Layton managed to hold together during his time as NDP leader.

The article is by 
Ottawa— From Monday's Globe and Mail
Without any fanfare, Canada has grown up.  The stimulating piece is by John Ibbitson, G&M's Ottawa correspondent.

Leader of the itsy-bitsy teenie weenie Greenie Party complains about the present Conservative-majority govt under Stephen Harper which the article renders more understandable, comprehensible. 
“We have never had a prime minister who was less interested in a national vision, and in particular in a strong, shared national-provincial vision,” laments Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party.
One day, a political party may come to power in Ottawa that once again seeks to impose pan-national programs in the interest of a Greater Canada.
But if the country has grown up, then parties of the left as well as the right may prefer co-operation to confrontation, accommodation to imposition. After all, one thing grown-ups learn is to give each other space.

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