Monday, August 09, 2010

EconomicsUSA: Labour: Construction industry loses jobs nationwide

News today from construction industry email, AGC Smart Brief:
U.S. market loses 11,000 construction jobs in July The U.S. construction job market hit a 14-year low in July, as contractors eliminated 11,000 jobs nationwide. The Labor Department reported that the private sector grew its employment base by 71,000 jobs -- but that growth didn't extend to the construction industry. Some 1.5 million construction workers are out of work, pushing the unemployment rate in construction to 17.3%, well above the 9.5% rate overall. 
Construction industry jobs are a key indicator for the overall economy.
It shoud be noted that the Christian Labor Assocation (USA), tho it be a quite small union (proportionate to USA total statistics for USA unions), is active in the construction industry of several states.

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