Thursday, March 19, 2009

USA: Economy: Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner in crucible, Obamonomics in question

The New York Times article by Jackie Colmes, "Treasury Secretary facing defining moment" (Mar18,2k9), is the first profile of the Treasury Department's head that I've read to date. I found this Colme's item quite interesting. First, it gives us some specificities regarding Geithner's achievements and overall "career path" to his present Cabinet-status in the US government of these 'troubling times.' Second, Colmes attempts to be precise about the Secretary's immediate political situation; so, to an avid political reader who reflects on wide-reading, the Colmes piece has verisimilitude. For now, I'll just trust the basic informativity of Geithner's profile here established.

The piece doesn't take up the matter of Timbos unpaid income taxes, belatedly now repaid. He also apologized. It was a lapse of memory, he felt.


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