Monday, February 16, 2009

Juridics: Tribal Pakistan: Country's govt approves Sharia Law in Talib-land

CNN commentator Campbell Brown gives us the gist when Pakistan "cuts a deal with the Taliban allowing a declaration of strict Islamic law."

Reporter Jane Perlez in Islamabad Pakistan adds the punch to the gist, Pakistan makes a Taliban truce, creating a haven," Feb17,2k9, International Herald Tribune
The government announced Monday that it would accept a system of Islamic law in the Swat valley and agreed to a truce, effectively conceding the area as a Taliban sanctuary and suspending a faltering effort by the army to crush the insurgents.

The concessions to the militants, who now control about 70 percent of the region just 100 miles from the capital, were criticized by Pakistani analysts as a capitulation by a government desperate to stop Taliban abuses and a military embarrassed at losing ground after more than a year of intermittent fighting. About 3,000 Taliban militants have kept 12,000 government troops at bay and terrorized the local population with floggings and the burning of schools.
Pakistan is building again toward a Islamofascist conflagration.


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