Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Politics: USA: With elections jut one week away, the USA is awash in political rhetoric, political images, political logos, political semiotics

I constantly receive political propaganda in my email, currently much of it is partisan dispatches from American forces siding with either the Democrats or the Republicans, both camps focussed on the upcoming nationwide elections for the House of Representatives, a third of the membership of the US Senate, state governorships, and state assemblypersons and state senates.

US Senate Race Roundup 2006
GOP Senate-Elections News-Roundup

The Republicans provide a summary page of how their Senate candidates seem to be faring (but remember the source here: The Republican National Committee's Senate campaign). On the other hand, there's ...

Democratic Party logo
Democratic National Committee

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You may want to look at some or all of 6 articles by political semiotician Mark Netter in his series Politi-Flicks.

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Ev-ry picture tells a story, donut?

Urban Semiotic [Scroll down for Boles on Limbaugh on Michael J. Fox on stem-cell Democratic Senatorial campaign Missouri]

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